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Hillside of Old-Fashioned Iris | Ross Road Iris

Iris pre-sales shipping from July through September 2018




2017 was a banner year here on Ross Road,  and we want to thank you. We so appreciate those who continue to support our gardens. It's a wonderful thing to know that our iris are growing in gardens all over the country.

Here you'll find many varieties that are no longer carried elsewhere as well as many brand new introductions from a variety of hybridizers. Rather than rows and rows of a few things, our iris gardens are tended like gardens, which means smaller stands of many more varieties of iris.

Many varieties do sell out early in the pre-sale season. Order early!

Like so many iris growers and iris hybridizers, Ross Road Iris started as a hobby. In a way, it still is! In the beginning, there was a long weedy hillside. My husband said, "why not plant a few iris?" And I did. Now iris gardens are tucked in here and there all over the place! We grow a great many varieties of bearded iris, but not a great many of any one variety. Our rhizomes are big and healthy because we love them, and because iris seem to love our climate and soil.

We began to hybridize iris in 2009, and registered the first of our hybrids in 2017. Now every year is a year to wait and wonder what the maiden blooms will bring!

Besides officially becoming a hybridizer, 2017 had us adding a large unheated greenhouse, which means greenhouse projects have been extended on both ends of the growing season.

And we launched The Green Thumbery, where you will find various special offers--most having to do with iris.

More recently, I have become interested in essential oils. Why? Well, besides iris, herbs have a home in the gardens here. Herbs bring in the bees in droves! When was the last time you saw a bumblebee? Plant some herbs and bees of all sorts magically appear! And herbs have long been known for their medicinal and culinary properties. Also for their lovely scents. Essential oils are essentially herbs! The oils are just another way of living the good life.

Something is always going on here, because we're living what we're loving.


We Grow Big Healthy Rhizomes!

Rhizomes Cleaned for Shipping

Iris rhizomes are typically sold early in the year for delivery late summer, as they are planted from late summer into the fall. Main bloom varies some from season to season, and also varies from USDA zone to USDA zone. If you order iris from Georgia you can expect the iris to be dug and shipped earlier than what we will dig and ship here in Idaho.

Digging and shipping iris is a function of when the main bloom season occurs. Here in Idaho, main bloom is generally said to be mid-May. However, it varies +/- two weeks. During 2015 and 2016, the main bloom was about two weeks early. In 2017 the main bloom was 2 weeks late. The rhizomes need six to eight weeks in the ground before they reach a size to dig. That means in 2017 we didn't begin to dig our rhizomes until toward the end of July.


Why Buy Your Rhizomes From A Grower

There are good reasons for buying your rhizomes from a grower.

First, it is the only way to be able to choose from the many, many varieites that are available. You may find dry iris rhizomes available in some stores, but the variety will be limited. Sometimes you may find potted iris for sale; again, the variety will be limited.

Second, we will dig your order fresh! It will be dug, cleaned, disinfected, and shipped in a period of just a few days. Since every order is dug separately, and rhizomes aren't just picked from a storage shelf, your order will arrive ready to be planted and ready to grow!

Since orders are dug individually, it makes sense they will also be dug in the order they are received. If you order early in the season (January-March), you can expect to receive your order before someone who orders late in the season (June-July). You can expect any order subsequent to the first to be processed as a separate order. That's the only way to be fair to the people waiting in line.

There is an inventory control on this website which helps to manage our pre-sales. However, Mother Nature is a fickle lady. It sometimes happens that our estimates are just wrong--because it's hard to know exactly what's under the ground until you start digging. Sometimes weather affects a crop. Sometimes varmints chow down on the roots. Sometimes a stand of iris blooms out! Which means there are lots of blooms and not much increase at all.

If you have pre-ordered a variety that can't be delivered, we will substitute generously. It's important to tell us if you do not want substitutions, in which case you will receive a refund. For more information about what to expect when you order, be sure to look at our policies which can be found by clicking on the link here, or on the A-Z menu above (or below) under shipping.

Also, there are other things you should know before ordering. Be sure to take a look at our policies which can be found  under Shipping | Ordering Information.


Mona Baisch - Gardener - © Ross Road Iris | The Green Thumbery

Seasonal & Special Offers

June Facebook Special

Check out THE NEW JUNE SPECIAL! It will be on-line for a week early in June. The last of the $5 rhizome specials for this season. Minimum $50 order.  Over 80 iris to choose from. This is a special offer, ships separately from other orders.

Greta Corens

Greta Corens is an artist with an International reputation, now living in the USA but born in Europe.Greta is so talented, and does so very many things so very well,  that I wonder how she decides what to do when she gets up in the morning. I asked her, of course: and she told me! Follow this link to meet Greta Corens and see a selection of her work. Then check out Greta Corens website. Prepare to be amazed!


Taking Names for Iris Calendar

LET ME KNOW! Send an email (use the contact link). There wasn't enough time to get it together for 2018, but there will definitely be a 2019 calendar! PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST! Will also need an email contact.