Ross Road Iris Gardens grew from planting one long weedy hillside. We learned we have the absolute BEST conditions for growing huge iris rhizomes. Now we have over 800 varieties of registered iris. Ross Road Iris Gardens Ross Road Iris 'A' Named Iris

Ross Road Iris Gardens

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Kennedy 1984
HM 81, AM 86
Williamson-White 88
SDB - Bi-Color - Midseason, 20" 
Standards yellow; falls lavender, edged yellow; yellow beard
Topsy Turvy X Floridor
Aardvark Lark - TB Plicata iris - Black 2002 Aardvark Lark - TB Plicata iris - Black 2002 AARDVARK LARK

Black 2002
HM 04, AM 08
TB - Plicata - Early-Midseason, 35" 
Standards peachy apricot, falls-apricot ground with grape juice purple apricot rim, beard orange
Artist's Whim X Wild Oats
  Abby Grace TB Iris - Headrick 2000 ABBY GRACE
Headrick 2000
TB - Midseason, 40"
Standards deep royal purple; style arms royal purple; falls velvety purple black, shoulders blended red brown; beards deep blue at end, yellow in throat; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Lady Friend X Hello Darkness 
Absolute Treasure TB Iris - Tasco 2006 Absolute Treasure - TB Iris - Tasco 2006
Tasco 2006
HM 08, AM 10
TB - Midseason, 42"
Sky blue self, style arms slightly lighter toward back; falls slightly lighter centers; beards white, tipped golden yellow in middle and throat, frosty white at end; heavily ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Sudden Impact X Color Me Blue 
Magee 1990
HM 92, AM 94
Wister Medal 1997
TB - Reblooms - Early Season, 30"
Standards pale blue; falls ivory with violet plicata pattern on edge; beards henna
((Cook 2754 x Claudia Rene) x Orchid Brocade) x (After All x Moon River)) X Capricious
  Adobe Rose TB Iris - Ernst 1988 ADOBE ROSE
Ernst 1988
TB - Midseason, 35"
Standards peach cream; falls rosy red mauve,violet below bright orange beards
Gypsy Caravan X ((Bayberry Candle x Hi Top) x Carolina Honey) 
  African Nights - TB Iris - Selman 1985 AFRICAN NIGHTS
TB - Midseason, 34"
Standards aconite violet; falls dark aconite violet; beards dark violet; ruffled
Martial Music X E-17: (Tuxedo x Swahili)
  Afternoon Delight TB Iris AFTERNOON DELIGHT
Ernst 1983
HM 89, AM 93
TB - Midseason, 36"
Standards lightly laced light golden tan with lavender infusion; falls lavender with golden tan border, gold shoulders, white infusion near yellow beard
(Countryman x Outreach) X (Mary Frances x Lombardy)  
Afternoon in Rio - TB Iris - Schreiner 2005 Afternoon in Rio -  TB Iris -  Schreiner 2005 AFTERNOON IN RIO
Schreiner 2005
HM 07, AM 09
TB - Mid through Lateseason,  36"
 Standards violet purple; falls dark violet-purple, bronze rim, white blaze below beard; beards old gold
((( sib to Yaquina Blue pollen parent, x Pledge Allegiance) x Silverado) x unknown) X Serene Moment
Again and Again - TB reblooming iris - Ernst 1999 Again and Again TB AGAIN AND AGAIN
Ernst 1999
HM 01
TB - Reblooms - Midseason, 36"
Medium yellow; white beards
Renown X Anxious 
Alabaster Unicorn - TB Iris - Sutton 1996 Alabaster Unicorn - TB Iris - Sutton 1996 ALABASTER UNICORN
Sutton 1996
HM 99, AM 01 02
TB - Space Age - Mid through Lateseason, 36-38"
Ruffled white self; beards yellow; white horns
(Dauber's Delight x Sky Hooks) X Honky Tonk Blues
Vilmorin 1910
TB - Bi-Color - Historic - Late Season, Exceptionally Tall
  Standards light mauve or hortense violet, shaded deeper in recesses of creped portions; falls velvety pansy violet, bronzed and veined on wide outer haft and becoming olive-yellow along the dense, showy beard; fragrant
None given by American Iris Society 
  Alene's Other Love -Reblooming SDB Iris -  Dean 1994 ALENE'S OTHER LOVE
Dean 1994
HM 96, AM 97
SDB - Reblooms - Midseason, 10-12"
Standards, top and edge pink to lavender center, purple base; falls greyed orange, white under lavender beards; fragrant
Triplicate X Third Charm
  Alexander's Ragtime Band - TB Iris - Gaultner 1994 ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND
Gaultner 1994
HM 06
TB - Midseason- 37"
Standards purple,veined; falls darker purple; beards muted white; heavily ruffled
Titan's Glory X His Lordship 
Bartlett 1998
HM 01
TB - Space Age -  Midseason, 37"
Pale blue self; beards bright blue violet, horned; sweet fragrance; dark purple
Howdy Do X Inca Queen
Cayeaux 1987
TB - Early MidSeason, 33"
Standards pure white; falls medium blue with white center; beards yellow
((Palomino x Emma Cook) x Tahiti Sunrise) x Pink Taffeta) X Condottiere
All About Spring - TB Iris - Kerr 2006 All About Spring TB Iris - Kerr 2006 ALL ABOUT SPRING
Kerr 2006
HM 09
TB - Mid through Lateseason,   36"
Standards lilac, yellow edge more gold at haft; style arms lilac, yellow edge; falls lilac, yellow edge, wide gold hafts; beards golden orange; slight sweet fragrance
Temperence X 94-005A: (89-019B: (Latin Rock x Role Model) x Eurythmic)
All Aflutter - TB Iris - Byers 1994 All Aflutter - TB Iris - Byers 1994 ALL AFLUTTER
Byers 1994
TB - Space Age - Midseason - 36"
White; beards red-orange with long blue flounce turning up at end; fragrant
Conjuration X Mesmerizer
  All American TB ALL AMERICAN
Byers 1991
TB - Reblooms - Midseason,  31"
Standards light blue; falls glacial white; beards bright red; pronounced sweet fragrance
Eternal Bliss X Pacific Tide
Selman 2005
HM 07, AM 09

TB  - Lateseason - 31"
Dark purple-black self, slight lacy fringe on style crests; beards dark purple at end, violet in middle; heavily ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Hollywood Nights X Black Tie Affair
Keppel 2003
HM 05, AM 07
TB - Early to Midseason, 40"
Standards columbine blue,outer 1/2 pale; style arms blue/white; falls white slight green-yellow shoulder; beards white, yellow at throat
Crowned Heads X Fogbound
Kasperek 1999
HM 02, HM 03, AM 05
Randolph-Perry Medal 2008
SPEC-X - Broken Color - Very Early Season, 22"
Red violet streaked silver white; styles violet lavender; beards yellow; fragrant
Batik X Ostry White
Blyth 1984
TB - Early-Early Midseason - 38"
Standards snow white; falls golden yellow; beards golden yellow
Tranquil Star X (Love Chant x Festive Skirt)
Not For sale   New 2012
Hager 2002
HM 04, AM 06
TB - Early to Midseason, 37"
Laced yellow self; beards yellow
Involved Parentage
Ambrosia Delight - TB Iris - Niswonger 1994 Ambrosia Delight - TB Iris - Niswonger 1994 AMBROSIA DELIGHT
Niswonger 1994
TB - Midseason - 36"
Standards white; falls lightly ruffled orange; beards orange
 June Sunset X 2-72: ((Java Dove x ((Happy Birthday x Glittering Amber) x Marilyn C)) x Sunset Snows)
Amelia's Orchig -  TB Space Age Iris - Mueller 1993 Amerlia's Orchid TB SA AMELIA'S ORCHID
Mueller 1993
TB - Space Age - Midseason, 30"
Standards white, pink edge; falls pink, lighter around wavy edge; beardsand spoons pink; fragrant
Latin Lover X Spoon Time 
American Master - TB iris - Kerr 2005 American Master - TB iris - Kerr 2005 AMERICAN MASTER
Kerr 2005
HM 08
TB - Midseason, 30"
Standards ivory yellow; style arms ivory brushed yellow; falls white, narrow blue edge, golden yellow hafts; beards gold, yellow at end; slight sweet fragrance
Bold Vision X Queen's Circle
Sexton 1983
TB - Bi-Color, 36"
Standards golden brown; falls rich black, gold haft markings; beards golden brown
World News X DeForest sdlg
McWhirter 1989
HM 91, AM 93
TB - Midseason, 40"
Clean white; beards white; slight sweet fragrance
Skating Party X Winterscape
  Amethyst Midnight TB Iris - Headrick 2009 AMETHYST MIDNIGHT

Headrick 2009
TB - Mid Lateseason, 32"
Standards deep blue-violet, wavy ruffles; style arms blue violet; falls deep amethyst-purple, lighter at hafts and edges, deeper purple striping at hafts; beards golden in throat, yellow in middle, blue white at end; slight sweet fragrance
Victoria Falls X Romantic Evening
Amiable - TB Iris - Ghio 2002 Amiable TB AMIABLE
Ghio 2002
HM 04, AM 06
TB - Bi-Color - Mid through Lateseason,  36"
Standards medium pink; arms pink; falls lavender pink; beards tangerine-white
Pond Lily X Mild Manner
Schreiner 2005
TB - Midseason, 34"
Standards lavender orchid; falls lavender orchid, apricot shoulders, 1/4" tan band on edges of standards and falls; beards tangerine
Star Fleet X BB 11-A: (Ride the Wind x Pledge Allegiance)
Amplified - TB Iris - Ghio 2000 Amplified - TB Iris - Ghio 2000 AMPLIFIED
Ghio 2000
HM 02
TB - Late-Very Late Season, 36"
Standards yellow orange, red infusion; falls bright yellow orange; beards red, white base
((Quito x (Mogul sib, x Bogota sib)) x Forbidden Fruit) X Cordoba sib
  Anaconda Love - BB Broken Color - Kasperek 1999 ANACONDA LOVE
Kasperek 1999
HM 01, AM 03
Knowlton Medal 2006
BB -Broken Color - Mid through Lateseason, 24"
Standards pink, splashed beetroot purple, laced; falls beetroot purple, streaked silver-pink; beards orange; fragrant
(Baboon Bottom x 89B-42E: (Rustic Dance x Maria Tormena)) X Tanzanian Tangerine
Nichols 1979
SDB -  Mid through Lateseason, 14"
Standards white; falls white with chartreuse hafts; beards pale blue tipped orange deep in throat
Puppet X Copy Cat
Angel Heart - IB Iris - Aitken 1996 Angel Heart - IB Iris - Aitken 1996 ANGEL HEART
Aitken 1996
IB - Reblooms - Mid-Season, 25"
Standards white; falls white; hafts yellow; beards orange
Coral Charmer X Be Happy  
Angel's Awe - TB Iris - Van Liere 2007 Angel's Awe TB Iris - Van Liere 2007 ANGEL'S AWE
Van Liere 2007
TB - Midseason, 37"
Standards white with hint of blue infusion, narrow yellow band at edge; style crest white tipped with yellow band; falls white with yellow band ending at hafts; beards reddish- orange
Acoma X Bogata, Sibling to Casting Crowns 
Angel Symphony - TB Iris - Meek 1979 Angel Symphony TB Iris - Meek 1979 ANGEL SYMPHONY
Meek 1979
TB - Early-Midseason, 34"
White self, heavy texture veining with hint of green; orange beard tipped white
Winter Olympics X Murmuring Morn
Announcement TB Iris - Bi-Color - Black 2002 Announcement - TB Iris - Black 2002 ANNOUNCEMENT
Black 2002
HM 04, AM 06
TB - Bi-Color - Midseason, 34"
Standards cameo pink, falls pastel blue violet w/violet white halos; beards tangerine with large blue violet flounces
To the Point X Lookout Point
Anvil of Darkness - TB Iris - Innerest 1998 Anvil of Darkness - TB Iris - Innerest 1998 ANVIL OF DARKNESS
Innerest 1998
HM 00, AM 02
TB - Midseason - 29"
Black self; beards black; fragrant
(By Night x Swazi Princess) X Before the Storm
Hager 1992
TB - Reblooms - Early, Mid, Lateseason, 35"
Pale lilac; beards pale yellow
Bonus Mama sib X Hallowed Thought
Aplomb - TB iris - Ghio 1992 Aplomb TB Iris - Ghio 1992 APLOMB
Ghio 1992
HM 94, AM 98
TB -  Mid through Lateseason, 40"
Standards mulberry plum; falls deep mulberry plum, deeper shoulders; beards brick
((Act of Love x Lady Friend) x Caption) X Stratage
Apollo One - Tb Iris - Sutton 1997 Apollo One TB Iris - Sutton 1997 APOLLO ONE
Sutton 1997
HM 00
TB -  Space Age - Plicata - Reblooms - Early-Midseason, 34"
Standards white,edged spiraea red; falls white,striped and edged spiraea red; beards bronze- gold-burgundy
Point in Time X Sky Hooks
April Jewel - TB Space Age Iris - Lauer 2000 April Jewel - TB Space Age Iris - Lauer 2000 APRIL JEWEL
Lauer 2000
HM 02
TB - Space Age - Midseason, 34"
Standards pink, edged orange buff; falls orange buff with pink cast; beards red tangerine; small horn; fragrant
(Orange Treat x (Chickasaw Sue x Role Model)) X Pagan Pink  
Arctic Burst TB Iris - Plicata - Duncan 2008 Arctic Burst TB Iris - Duncan 2000 ARCTIC BURST
Duncan 2008
HM 10
TB - Plicata -Midseason, 33"
Standards cold white; style arms same, light lemon-yellow edge to crest; falls cold white, canary yellow shoulders, lower 2/3 speckled and sometimes lined bishops violet; beards tangerine orange; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance
Goldkist X Puccini
Wood 1998
HM 00, AM 02
TB - Mid through Lateseason, 32"
White self; beards very dark burnt red
Skyblaze X Silver Fox 
Keppel 2006
HM 08, AM 10
TB - Late Season, 37"
Dark orchid-toned violet self, hazy blue undertones around tip of beard, deeper texture veining; beards light blue; light lace, ruffled
Rosette Wine X (Fashionably Late x Nora Eileen)

Lauer 2001
HM 04
TB - Space Age, Midseason, 35"
Cornflower blue, lighter near beards; beards blue at end, white to yellow in throat; 3/4" blue horn
Special Feature X (Busy Being Blue x Scented Bubbles)
  Art Project TB ART PROJECT
Zurbrigg 1990
TB - Midseason, 36"
Standards swirled red violet base, blends gold; falls gold, lavender veining; beards gold; fragrant
(O My Goodness x Ah Sweet Mystery) X Pantomime
Art Show - TB Iris - Keppel 1989 Art Show - TB Iris - Keppel 1989 ART SHOW

Keppel 1989
TB - Midseason - 34"
Standards maize blended peach; falls soft reddish-cordovan with maize edge striped at shoulder; fragrant
Rustler X Rustic Dance
Jedlicka 2008
TB - Space Age - Midseason, 29"
Standards light peach, veined darker with peach-yellow edges; style arms yellow; falls white centers striped violet veins, yellow edges, hafts; beards tangerine; short fuzzy yellow horns
Peach Royale X Jeda 2-5B4 (Thornbird x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”)
Aspen - TB Iris - Byers 1991 Aspen TB Iris - Reblooms - Byers 1991 ASPEN
Byers 1991
TB - Reblooms - Early-Early through Midseason, 36"
Ruffled white; blue beard, yellow in throat
Rio Vista X B-8-2: (Cease-Fire x Sky Hooks)
Blyth 2005
TB - Midseason, 35"
Standards buff to buff lemon, faintly infused soft lavender at midrib; falls deep red-violet, 1/4" lavender violet edge; beards deep tangerine to coffee brown; extremely ruffled
Decadence'X K96-1: (Fogbound x Starring)
At First Blush - TB Iris - Kerr 2006 At First Blush - TB Iris - Kerr 2006 AT FIRST BLUSH
Kerr 2006
HM 08
TB - Midseason, 36"
Standards light pink, darker at center; style arms pink; fallStandards  light pink, darker pink hafts; beards tangerine, white at end; slight sweet fragrance
Society Page X Tender Mercy
  Augustine - TB iris - Schick 2005 AUGUSTINE
Schick 2005
HM 07, AM 09
TB - Midseason, 36"
Standards pink-orange, style arms orange; falls orange, rose-orange shoulders; beards orange; laced; slight musky fragrance
Debbie Reynolds X (McKay x Role Model)
Aura Light TB Iris - Blyth Aura Light TB AURA LIGHT
Blyth 1996
HM 98, AM 00
TB - Early through Midseason, 34"
Standards pure white; falls brilliant gold; beards mustard; ruffled
Imprimis sibling X Chocolate Vanilla
  Austrian Garnet -  TB iris - Maryott 1991 AUSTRIAN GARNET
Maryott 1991
HM 03
TB - Midseason, 39"
Standards reddish black with metallic sheen; falls same with lighter center; beards-self tipped brown
Involved Parentage
  Autumn Circus TB Plicata Iris - Reblooms - Hager 1990 AUTUMN CIRCUS
Hager 1990
HM 94
TB - Plicata - Reblooms - Early Season, 34"
Standards white, peppered blue violet to solid edge; falls white, lines from white; beards blue violet plicata edge, yellow throat
(Space Odyssey x Socialite) X Earl of Essex
Sutton 2000
TB - Space Age - Reblooms - Early, Mid, Lateseason, 37"
 Standards violet blue; falls deep blue violet, darker edge; beards methyl violet; ruffled, slight musky fragrance
Star Master X Stingray
Christopherson 2003
BB - Space Age - Reblooms - Midseason, 25"
Standards wine red; falls darker velvety wine red, lighter rim; beards mustard; short upward horns
Rock Star X (Sky Hooks x Momentum)
Awesome Alex - TB space age iris - Burseen 2004 Awesome Alex - TB space age iris - Burseen 2004 AWESOME ALEX
Burseen 2004
HM 07, AM 09
TB - Space Age - Mid Late Season, 36"
Standards pearl white; falls cream,violet wash and cream edge; beards bronze orange; large fuzzy purple horn; ruffled
Involved Parentage
  Awesome Blossom TB Iris - Black AWESOME BLOSSOM
Black 2000
HM 02, AM 06
TB - Mid Late Season, 32"
Standards peach pink, butter halo, falls warm white veined butter, gold-band; beards tangerine orange; ruffled
Victorian Frills X Good Show  
Hedgecock 2002
TB - Late Season, 33"
Standards pale lavender blue; falls medium purple, slightly lighter near beard; beards purple, burnt orange hair tips and in throat; ruffled, heavily laced; slight sweet fragrance
(Space Dragon x Tuxedo) X Sophistication

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