Ross Road Iris Gardens grew from planting one long weedy hillside. We learned we have the absolute BEST conditions for growing huge iris rhizomes. Now we have over 800 varieties of registered iris. Ross Road Iris Gardens Ross Road Iris 'VW' Named Iris

             Ross Road Iris Gardens   

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Vanilla Butterfuly - TB Iris - Muska 2000 Vanilla Butterfly - TB Iris - Muska 2000  
Muska 2000
TB - Lateseason, 38"
Ruffled, laced vanilla cream; falls soft pink; beards red tangerine

(Pan-Pink x (Pan-Pink x Invocazione)) X Beverly Sills
Vanity - TB Reblooming Iris - Hager 1975 Vanity - TB Iris - Reblooms - Hager 1975   VANITY
Hager 1975
HM 76, AM 78
Dykes Medal 1982
TB - Reblooms - Early to Lateseason, 38"
Pink self; beards light coral-red
Cherub Choir X Pink Taffeta
Vapor - TB Iris - Ghio 2002 Vapor - TB Iris - Ghio 2002   VAPOR
Ghio 2002
HM 06, AM 08
TB - Mid to Lateseason, 38"
White with falls lined and washed violet, shoulder apricot, light yellow laced edge; beards tangerine, white end

(Sib to Double Vision pod parent, x Skipalong) X Stage Lights Sib
Venetian Love - TB Iris - Terada 1999 Venetian Love - TB Iris - Terada 1999   VENETIAN LOVE
Terada 1999
TB - Plicata - Bi-Color - Midseason, 34"
Standards white; falls deep burgundy upper haft white,rim; beards yellow

Theatre X Streetwalker
  Venus in Pink - TB Iris - Jedlicka 2008   VENUS IN PINK
Jedlicka 2008
TB - Space Age - Midseason, 35"
Standards and falls medium pink, ruffled, serrated edges; falls with faint purple wash, vein lines on haft; style arms light pink; beards tangerine, busy; 1/2" light lavender horns

Jeda 2-2A7 (Coral Point x Meininger sdlg White Extra) X Coral Pincushion
Very Varied - BB Broken Color Iris - Ensinger 1996 Very Varied - BB Broken Color Iris - Ensinger 1996   VERY VARIED
Ensminger 1996
HM 96, AM 00
BB - Broken Color - Space Age - Midseason, 24"
Royal purple, streaked white; beards sulphur yellow; 1/4" horn; slight fragrance

 Everything Plus X Batik  Plus X Batik
Vibrations - TB Plicata Iris - Dunn 1990 Vibrations - TB Iris - Dunn 1990   VIBRATIONS
Dunn 1990
HM 92, AM 96
TB - Plicata - Luminata Marks - Midseason, 34"
Standards burgundy rose, lighter heart at base; falls deep burgundy red, large white area below beard and radiating lines on edge; tannish beard
((Vaudeville x (Gracie Pfost x Melodrama)) x Gala Madrid) X Rancho Rose
Vigilante - TB Bi-Color Iris - Schreiner 1991 Vigilante - TB Iris - Schreiner 1991   VIGILANTE
Schreiner 1991
HM 93, AM 95
TB - Bi-Color - Mid Lateseason, 36"
Standards mustard yellow; falls maroon black; beards old gold
L873-3: Peking Summer sib X T1576-B: (Gypsy Caravan x Cayenne Pepper)
  Vin Nouveau - TB Iris - Cayeaux 1998   VIN NOUVEAU
Cayeaux 1998
TB - Velvety Bi-Color - Mid to Lateseason, 33"
Standards mauve; falls velvety garnet; beards bright vermilion

Far Corners X (Marcel Turbat x (Flaming Light x Gold Galore))
Vingolf - IB Historic Iris - Goos and Koenemann 1924 Vingolf - IB Historic Iris - Goos and Koenemann 1924   VINGOLF
Goos and Koenemann 1924
IB - Mid Lateseason 24"
Early Description: Old gold standards over raison purple falls, banded old gold
 AIS Description: Standards light creamy yellow; falls deep velvety purple bordered white
 "One of those iris that it was impossible to get any information on. It is a smallish variegata that is quite hardy, and its toughness, rather than its attractiveness is probably what enabled it to survive. Interesting parentage: one parent is HER MAJESTY."  Historic Iris Preservation Society
(Fuerstin Lonyay X Her Majesty)
Violet Music - TB Iris - Mahan 1991 Violet  Music - TB Reblooming Iris - Mahan 1991   VIOLET MUSIC
Mahan 1991
TB - Reblooms - Very Early to Early Midseason, 40"
Medium violet, white blaze on falls; beards violet tipped yellow; fragrant

Violet Miracle X Victoria Falls
  Violet  Shimmer - TB Plicata Iris - Moores 1998   VIOLET SHIMMER
Moores 1998
HM 01
TB - Plicata - Midseason, 34"
Standards and falls white plicata stippled blue violet; style arms blue violet; beards bronze-blue; fragrant

Sterling Prince X Purple Pepper
Violet Turner - TB Reblooming Bi-Color Iris - Lauer 1999 Violet Turner TB Iris - Reblooming Bi-Color - Lauer 1999   VIOLET TURNER
Lauer 1999
HM 02
TB - Velvety  Bi-Color - Reblooms - Early to Midseason, 30"
Standards and style arms violet; falls velvety dark violet, lighter rim; beards mustard; fragrant

Sweet Reflection X Sweeter Than Wine
  Vision in Pink - TB Iris - Wood 1987   VISION IN PINK
Wood 1987
HM 89
TB - Midseason, 34"
Pink; tangerine beard; slight fragrance
((Flaming Arrow x Gaulter 71-30) x Carved Angel) X Paradise
  No photo available   VIZIER
Ghio 1998
TB - Early to Midseason, 36"
Deep raspberrry to cranberry garnet self; beards red
Reality X Star Quality
  No photo available   VOLUMINOUS
Sutton 2001
TB - Mid Latseason, 37"
Ruffled white; beards white, slight yellow on hair tips, large; slight sweet fragrance
Elizabeth Poldark X Fine China
Volunteer Fireman - Arilbred Iris - Historic - Cline and Durrance 1957 Volunteer Fireman - Arilbred Iris - Historic - Cline and Durrance 1957   VOLUNTEER FIREMAN
Everett Cline and John Durrance 1957
HM 59
AB - Midseason, 20"
Standards indian lake; falls cardinal-red with long black stripes
Oyez X Unknown
  No photo available   VOW OF SILENCE

Ghio 2014
TB -  Lateseason, 35"
Standards pastel peach-pink; falls same, darker at edge; beards blue to pink at heart of bloom
((Lotus Land x Treasured) x Resonance) X My Beloved
Wabash TB Historic Iris - Williamson 1936 Wabash - TB Historic Iris - Williamson 1936   WABASH
Williamson 1936
HM 37, AM 38
Dykes Medal 1940
TB - Historic
Standards dark white; falls purple with rim
Note: WABASH is one of the most popular iris of all time. In the Old Dirt Dobber's files is a photo annotated: "Mr. W. J. McKee, Worcester Mass, President of American Iris Society presenting Dykes Memorial Medal for the iris WABASH (in picture) to Miss Mary Williamson, Introducer from Bluffton, Ind. On network broadcast direct from the garden house. Paul Oliphant, Announcer, at left. The Little Dirt Dobber [Macey's mother] with headphones connected to N. Y. in the background."
Dorothy Dietz X Cantabile
Wampum - IB Iris - Ensminger 1983 Wampum - IB Iris - Ensminger 1983   WAMPUM
Ensminger 1983
HM 85, AM 89
IB - Mid Lateseason, 22"
Red with bishops violet blaze below oxblood red beard
((Eye Shadow x Reath 6-64) x 71-3) X 75-29: (71-32 x Shahrohk Mahrohki)
Wanda Rezac - TB Iris - Jedlicka 2007 Wanda Rezac - TB Iris - Jedlicka 2007   WANDA REZAC

Jedlicka 2007
TB - Midseason - 36"
Standards bright yellow; style arms yellow-orange; falls whitish below beards, yellow striped hafts and sides broad purple border blending to narrow reddish rim; beards bright yellow-orange
Starship Enterprise X Terryton
  War Chief - TB Iris - Schreiner 1992   WAR CHIEF
Schreiner 1992
HM 95, AM 99
TB - Early to Midseason, 37"
Red self; beards yellow

Minisa X (Sultan's Palace x Gallant Moment)
War Sails - TB Iris - Schreiner 1984 War Sails - TB Iris - Schreiner 1984   WAR SAILS
Schreiner 1984
HM 86
TB - Mid Late to Lateseason, 42"
Light red, shaded strawberry roan; large rose brown beard
Unknown Parentage
Water of Life - TB Iris -  Black 2011 Water of Life - TB Iris - Black 2011   WATER OF LIFE
Black 2011
TB - Very Early to Very Lateseason, 38"
Standards icy light blue, slightly darker midrib and fine veins over lower quarter; style arms medium tan, crests medium tan lined violet, violet midrib; falls medium dark blue-violet, blue white around beards blended to darker margin, darker veins in throat and beside beards, darker red-violet hafts; beards medium tan in throat, white base tipped medium tan in middle, white base brushed tan at end
(Thunder Spirit x American Classic) X Lord of Letters
Wearing Rubies - TB Iris - Blyth 2001 Wearing Rubies - TB Iris - Blyth 2001   WEARING RUBIES
Blyth 2001
TB - Early to Mid to Lateseason, 38"
Standards garnet rose; falls plush brown-ruby; beards vivid saturn red; musky fragrance

((Holiday Lover x Love Comes) x Bygone Era) X Who's Your Daddy
  No photo available   WEDDING BELLE

Keppel 2008
HM 10, AM 13
TB - Early Midseason, 46"
Standards cream, pinkish flush; style arms cream; falls cream, center paler, slight peachy cream touch on haft; beards fire red
Fogbound X Heaven
  Wedding Dance - TB Iris - Schreiner 1999   WEDDING DANCE
Schreiner 1999
TB - Early Midseason, 36"
Standards and style arms yellow; falls white center, yellow band; beards yellow
Starlight Express X Coral Sunset
  Weiser Sunrise NOID - TB Iris of unknown lineage   WEISER SUNRISE
TB - Yellow/Red Bi-Tone
Not AIS  Registered

 Mellow yellow standards; falls yellow blushed almost entirely red, and veined from throat to mid-petal; beards yellow. 
Note: This is my name for this iris.
  Weiser Sunset - Unknown TB Iris   WEISER SUNSET

TB - Historic - Brown/Yellow Bi-Tone
Not AIS Registered
Standards and falls blushed yellow-gold; falls white toward throat, heavily rayed with the lush red-brown; beards gold.
Note: This is my name for this iris.
  No photo available   WELL DECORATED

L. Michel 1982
TB - Midseason, 30"
Standards rose purple; falls rose purple; yellow beards; ruffled and heavily laced
Lilac Treat X Grand Waltz
Well Endowed - TB Reblooming Iris - Ghio 1979 Well Endowed - TB Historic Iris -  Reblooms - Ghio 1979   WELL ENDOWED
Ghio 1979
HM 81, AM 83
TB - Reblooms - Early to Midseason, 40"
Bright gold self with small white area below gold beard
((Ponderosa x Travel On) x Peace Offering) X (((Gracie Pfost x Ponderosa) x Ponderosa) x New Moon)
  No photo available   WEST POINTER

G. Sutton 2001
HM 05
TB - Mid to Lateseason, 35"
Standards satinwood, faint aster violet wash on midrib; style arms satinwood; falls violet veined darker, 1" almond shell edge; beards satinwood with faint violet base, 1-1/2" violet arm ending with small 1/2" satinwood spoon; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Brandy X Sky Hooks
  Wethersfield Red - TB Iris - Gadd 1988   WETHERSFIELD RED
Gadd 1988
TB - Midseason, 30"
Standards dark red magenta rose; falls slightly darker magenta rose; dark bronze beard
Garnet Sport X Spartan
What Again - SDB Reblooming Iris - Ensminger 1991 What Again - SDB - Reblooms - Ensminger 1991   WHAT AGAIN
Ensminger 1991
HM 93, AM 96
SDB - Reblooms - Mid to Lateseason, 10"
Standards wisteria blue; falls straw yellow; beards wisteria blue

((Tantara x Jungle Shadows) x (I. pumila x (Miss Region Twenty-One x Tumwater)))
  When You Wish - TB Space-Age Iris - Dickey 1998   WHEN YOU WISH
Dickey 1998
TB -  Space-Age - Midseason, 31"
Medium baby pink, falls with white wash; beards red orange, ending in large baby pink frilled flounce
Mesmerizer X Unknown
Whispering - TB Iris - Hamblen 1990 Whispering - TB Iris - Hamblen 1990   WHISPERING
Hamblen 1990
HM 94
TB - Mid Lateseason, 34"
Standards smoky pink, lighter center, deeper toned rim and haft area; falls slightly deeper, light center, deeper rim and hafts; purple violet beard brushed red orange; laced and ruffled
Dance Away X Nancy Glazier
White Buffalo - TB Iris - Hedgecock 1996 White Buffalo - TB Iris - Hedgecock 1996   WHITE BUFFALO
Hedgecock 1996
TB - Midseason, 34"
Standards pale blue white; falls blue white; beards white, yellow deep in throat; ruffled, lace
Emmanuel X Lacy Snowflake
  No photo available   WHITE EXTRA

Not Registered
White Self; beards white with 1-1/2" lavender hornes with big flounces

White Hot - TB Iris - Tasco 2008 White Hot - TB Iris - Tasco 2008   WHITE HOT
Tasco 2008
TB - Early to Midseason, 37"
Standards cold white; crest fringe; cold white, shoulders slight yellow edge with wide yellow-gold veins; beards; persimmon orange; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance

Martile Rowland S (Taj Regis x Green & Gifted)
White Room - TB Iris - Lauer 2005 White Room - TB Iris - Lauer 2005   WHITE ROOM
Lauer 2005
HM 09
TB - Mid through Lateseason, 36"
White with diamond dust; beards indian orange, white tips at end; ruffled and lightly laced; pronounced sweet fragrance

Pillow Fight X La Valse
Who's Your Daddy - TB Bi-Color Iris - Blyth 2000 Who's Your Daddy TB Iris - Blyth 2000   WHO'S YOUR DADDY
Blyth 2000
TB - Bi-Color - Early to Mid to Lateseason, 36"
Standards light lilac violet; falls plush purple black, 1/8" light lilac violet edge; beards burnt tangerine

(Physique x Electrique) X Unknown
  Widdershins - TB Iris - Roberts 1999   WIDDERSHINS
Roberts 1999
HM 01
TB - Mid Lateseason, 32"
Standards rose brown; falls honey yellow, 1/2" burnt honey brown border, 1" white flash below beard; beards orange, base white, yellow at end; slight fragrance
Bogota X Chocolate Marmalade
Wide Open - SDB Iris - Black 2005 Wide Open - SDB Iris - Black 2005   WIDE OPEN

Black 2005
SDB - Midseason, 11"
Standards medium greenish yellow, paler interior center; style arms medium yellow; falls medium greenish yellow blending to near white around beards, greenish brown plicata veining over haft, minimal plicata pattern; beards white tipped orange yellow; heavy ruffles; slight sweet fragrance
(Chanted x C137G: (91280D x 91324C)) X Tingle
Wild Card - TB Iris - Meek 1983 Wild Card - TB Iris - Meek 1983   WILD CARD
Meek 1983
TB - Mid Lateseason, 35"
Heavily ruffled white ground plicata with variable markings in shades of lavender to deep purple (no two blooms the same), brown hafts; white beard tipped yellow
Rain Cloud X Rancho Rose
  Wild Frontier TB Iris - Schreiner 1999   WILD FRONTIER
Schreiner 1999
TB - Mid to Lateseason, 36"
Standards hazel brown with rosy midrib; falls pansy violet, russet band1/4 outer rim cinnamon, shoulder red brown; beards lavender

Probably -- (Fancy Brass sib, x Spanish Leather) X (Syncopation x Bohemian)
Wild Iris Rose - TB Iris - Schreiner 2003 Wild Iris Rose - TB Iris - Schreiner 2003   WILD IRISH ROSE
Schreiner 2003
HM 05
TB - Mid Lateseason, 33"
Rose orchid; falls with distinctly marked hafts; beards tangerine orange
(Presence x V 476-A: (Carved Angel x Paradise)) X Magical Encounter
  Wine Raspberry - TB Iris   WINE RASPBERRY

L. Sturgis
Not AIS Registered
Standards light plum; falls plum-wine-red, minimal white streaks, dappled white at throat; beards dull gold, light plum at ends
Wine Time - TB Iris - Messick 1998 Wine Time - TB Iris - Messick 1998   WINE TIME
Messick 1998
HM 02
TB - Midseason, 38"
Burgundy wine, style arms wine; beards deep blue

Royal Celebrity X (Royal Ballet x Le Fleur)
  Winter Adventure - TB Iris - Black 1992   WINTER ADVENTURE
Black 1992
HM 94
TB - blue/Light Blue Bi-Color - Mid to Lateseason, 35"
Standards violet blue veined darker; falls blue fading white; beards blue tipped gold; fragrant

Edge of Winter X Undersea Adventure
  Winter Olympics - TB Reblooming Iris - Brown 1963   WINTER OLYMPICS
Brown 1963
HM 64, AM 66
Dykes Medal 1967
Nelson Award 1969

TB - Reblooms - Early through Midseason, 37"
White self; beards white

Poet's Dream X Eleanor's Pride

Wish Upon A Star - SDB - Black 2006 Wish Upon A Star - SDB - Black 2006   WISH UPON A STAR
Black 2006
HM 08
SDB - Early to Mid to Lateseason, 13"
Standards dark blue-purple blending to dark claret; style arms dark claret; falls dark purple-black, slightly lighter haft and edge; beards pale cream gold, white at end, large; pronounced sweet fragrance

Zap Sib X Neutron
Witching - TB Iris - Blyth 1993 Witching - TB Iris - Blyth 1993   WITCHING
Blyth 1993
TB - Bi-Color -Very Early to Earlyseason, 36"
Standards sky blue; falls blue, overlaid tan, rose tan shading; beards violet tipped bronze

Inv. Inca Queen, Tranquil Star, Love Chant, Festive Skirt, Amber Snow, Alpine Journey, Beachgirl, Coral Strand, Persian Smoke, Chimbolam
With Envy - TB Iris - Spears 2004 With Envy - TB Iris - Spears 2004   WITH ENVY

Spears 2004
TB - Midseason - 35"
Standards key lime green; style arms lime green, crests serrate; falls lime green, haft darker; beards old gold; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

 Anna Belle Babson X Sea Of Joy
Wizard of Odds - TB Iris - Broken Color - Black 2009 Wizard of Odds - TB Iris - Black 2009   WIZARD OF ODDS
Black 2009
 HM 11
TB - Early to Midseason, 34"
Standards bright gold, extremely variable ruby wash; style arms bright gold, variable ruby streaks; falls bright gold, random ruby red streaks and splashes, sometimes half streaked, half solid ruby red on same petal; beards bright yellow-gold; ruffled; extremely variable broken color from petal to petal and flower to flower; slight spicy fragrance

Pure As Gold X Infernal Fire
World Premier - TB Iris -  Bi-Color - Schreiner 1998 World Premier TB Iris - Bi-Color-Schreiner 1998   WORLD PREMIER
Schreiner 1998
HM 00, AM 02
Wister Medal 2004
TB - Blue/Light Blue Bi-Color, Midseason, 40"
Standards and style arms blue white; falls dark blue violet,white rim; beards yellow, base blue

Yaquina Blue X Unknown
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